Monday, June 14, 2010

This Week's Specials at Luray Southern Grill

News flash: It's hot. Really hot. Stay out of the kitchen, and let us do the cooking for you! 

This week, we're offering a 10-oz. prime rib, salad and baked potato, for  $14.99. Or try the 8-oz. New York strip steak and steamed spiced shrimp, also served with salad and baked potato, for $15.99.

1 comment:

  1. 8oz New York Steak with your choice of Steam Spice Shrimp or Fried Shrimp. Comes with your choice of bake potatoe or french fries and a salad.only,$16.99 or a seafood combo,you can pick 2 items from this list. Steam spice shrimp,Fried oyster,Fried scallops,Fried shrimp,Fried clam strips. Comes with Bake potatoe or French fries and salad.Only $16.99. 10.oz Prime Rib.comes with Bake potatoe or F.F and a salad. Only $16.99. So come in and check out are Specials. Have a nice day from the staff at Luray Southern Grill.